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Is Spy No More a Scam?  Is It Safe to Install?  Any Complaints?

We’ve found some consumer complaints against SpyNoMore.  Some consumers even went as far as to say that this software is a scam and a rogue software (i.e. software that pretends to have found “threats” and then proceed to “remove” them, without actually doing anything useful).

However, to be fair, although SpyNoMore used to be listed as a rogue software by Spyware Warrior, it has since been de-listed.  This is what Spyware Warrior has to say about the delisting:

“SpyNoMore was listed on this page because of concerns with false positives. Testing with the latest version of the program  indicates that the problems with earlier versions have been satisfactorily resolved. Thus, we can no longer consider SpyNoMore to be “rogue/suspect” anti-spyware.”

A check on this software using Virus Total (click here) found SpyNoMore to be adware.  Also, a poster on the MyWOT[dot]com forum found that “Malwarebytes detects it as (Rouge.Spynomore)” (see here).

Also, some people have reported trouble in trying to uninstall SpyNoMore (see “Customer Feedback” section below).

You can find some actual consumer feedback in the “Customer Feedback” section below.

We have laid out everything we’ve found about this software – now you be the judge.


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-Spy No More is sold through Clickbank, a reputable 3rd party payment processor that handles payments and will always refund your money unconditionally within 60 days.  You won’t even need to go to the company that created Spy No More to get a refund.


-Some negative consumer feedback on this product is found – see customer comments below.

Customer Feedback / Comments:

“I would not recommend this, it does not do as it says it will, I tried it. They say they guarantee or your money back! Good luck getting ahold of them. And now they continue to charge my card, in which I had to block them. Stay away from Spy no more.” — Actual Consumer Comments from PCAdvisor[dot]co[dot]uk

“I then ran a full scan. Now I cannot uninstall Spynomore….It seems like the uninstall process starts but then just quits. Ever since running the Full scan, the icon for Spynomore has been replaced by a generic windows box.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Kaspersky[dot]com Forums

“My neighbor got this software and like it a lot (got rid of a spyware the others couldn’t) Illysoft is a legitimate company.” — Actual Consumer Comments from Yahoo Answers


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Merchant & Website:

Illysoft LLC, SpyNoMore[dot]com, sold through Clickbank[dot]com


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Customer Support:

Online Help Desk

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